Sanchez Gordillo, the mayor of Marinaleda and IU deputy, has raised two opposite reactions between society and the different media, with his involvement in the assault of two supermarkets in Seville and Cadiz, in the first place, some people think it’s a good idea to subtract food to give it to the needy, and by on the other hand, others have come to think that is a worthless populist act, and in fact, a criminal offense.


The reasons that have pushed Sanchez Gordillo to carry out this initiative have been given to meet the needs of unemployed families, all of them, awashed in debts. This is an example of a aware politician who has an active social attitude and who acts against injustice. A politician who takes action against a wrong structured system that protects the rich and neglecting the needs of the poorest. This latter, is a clear premise that has been evident among the working class. And logically, this performance represent someone responsible towards his society.

Still, it is questionable whether would there be an alternative about taking these foods without paying? The products were removed without permission and pushing away the mall employee who wanted to avoid this act. Could there be the possibility to buy these foods and not take them away without paying to aid needly people? The answer is clear: Absolutely, but then, there had been no media repercussion and no one would probably echoed the true background of all this. This has cause a public alarm, which should make us aware about the extreme poverty in Spain, and inequality in imposing justice.

It should be noted that Sanchez Gordillo is a political representative, someone who must manage and set an example for citizenship, so, ¿Can a mayor commit such acts, even if they are for good? Is all this necessary? Perhaps all this questions doesn’t matter, if we compare the food subtracting from a mall, meanwhile we know from daily administrative irregularities and corruption bank that have occurred for decades with impunity.  Names such as Urdangarín, the whole latest Marbella Town Hall , Matas, Millet …. and a long etcetera. Encompass astronomical quantity of money. Nowadays, few of the mention above are in prison and many still enjoy the same privileges that had from before being charged.

Then, Sanchez Gordillo, who was not involved directly but remained outside the store, directing the operation with a megaphone, meanwhile the subtraction of the food, does mobilize the Ministry of Interior, that ordered the arrest of all those involved by the police immediately … how should we trust in the government and the judicial system, if it is clear that we are not all equal?

Marinaleda Mayor has done for years a very good management in its administration, he is an decent politician whose model should be followed. The two robberies committed have been made knowing all media and judicial consequences, therefore, to give even more credibility to the issue, Diego Cañamero, colleague of Sanchez Gordillo, led the “assault” saying «not chocolate or yogurt, and desserts . The normal Maria  cookies».

Before all this happened, more than two weeks ago, Sánchez Gordillo and his people occupied the farm The Turquillas in Ecija (Seville), owned by the Ministry of Defence, to demand the transfer of the lands to farmers who need to work. The latter did not get much media, in fact, the coverage did not occur until the recent «assault». On August 10, police evicted without violence The Turquillas.

However, we should reflect on these political and social events, and mature about everything happened. Gordillo Sanchez’s team had a very clear notion of what they had to do, now, we can only hope that if people put up more similar actions, they should be as clear as that the organization of Marinaleda have had. I fear that the Gordillo political activity turn to be distorte imitated by people, and taken to the worst way.