We are about to celebrate the 8th edition of the Calella Festimatge, the Image Festival that includes Cinema, 9’5 Cinema and Photography. During April, this coastal City so close to Barcelona will  commemorate the 40th edition of the 9’5 mm Cinema Meeting that Foto-Film has been running so succesfully. And we mention the “Five Stars” because the FIAF (the International Image Arts Federation) gives the Festimatge “Five Stars”. And that is the top a Photography Event can get!

The Festimatge will take place between April 6th  and 28th . The plan is to make Calella an Image city during a whole month. The whole city gets transformed and you can find a photo in unexpected places, like shops, restaurants or hotel halls. Or you can watch a short film in your favourite bar, pub or social club. Even at the Sant Quirze Chapel you can watch some films. And don’t forget you can meet some film star on the street, as some of them are invited to the opening and closing ceremonies.

This year, we have had more Photographers than ever on our Photo Contest. 4696 Photographers have sent their best photos. So, we are proud to have received works from 48 countries, representing all 5 Continents. That means a 25 per cent more than last year.

The Short Films Contest has received 296 films and directors came from seven different countries like Spain, USA, Argentina, Mexico, Ireland, Norway and Lithuania. 255 were the whole amount of films at the 2012 contest.

Xavier Rigola, Foto-Film Calella President, highlights the importance being bigger every year, even in difficult circumstances. “We have less financial support from the public institutions. We have less sponsors. But the key is simple: cut the expenses as much as you can on things that are not essential. And work harder than ever! That’s what makes a difference”.

Opening Ceremonies.

The Festival starts this next Saturday. Like last year, a videomaping will be shown on the Town’s Hall building. Videomaping is back for popular demand.


36 different expositions can be seen in Calella during April. The main ones can be seen at the

Town’s Hall old building and at La Fàbrica (where you have 1000 square meters to watch photographies).  This year, we have chosen lots of big size photos to be shown at La Fàbrica. Hotels, Restaurants, Social Clubs and Shops are some of the other places where you can find photos. There is magic in every corner in Calella!

Short films.

The best short films will be shown at the Orfeó Teatre during the last week of our Festival. Showing will also take place at “La Tetera” coffe bar and at the old Town Hall building. And do not miss the experience of watching short films at the Sant Quirze Chapel.

9’5 mm Cinema 40th celebrations.

The 9’5 mm Cinema Meeting will celebrate its 40th anniversary with special events, like a collectors market and new short films to be seen. 9’5 mm Cinema collectors from all Europe are meeting these days in Calella and we are all going to pay a visit to the Salvador Dalí’s Museum in Figueres, to watch the surrelistic paintings of a genius like Dalí. The Toys Museum in Girona is the other trip planned for the European 9’5 mm Cinema collectors.

Kids welcome!

Kids are very welcome to the Festimatge and this year we are going to run some special events for them and the whole families. Wait for April 13th to take your kids to the Town Hall’s old building.

As you can see, there is something for everybody in Calella these days at the Festimatge.

You are invited!

So, we invite you to walk our streets and to try and find some magic in every corner. Maybe you can find that photo to inspire you or that film to make you think.

Or that event to talk about when coming back home!

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